What we do for Love

It is amazing what we will do for love.  I sit here, well into my second week, and ponder the changes that I have made for love.  What is that change?  I have entered into the world of online domination with my Alpha husband.

Entered into…we have actually just put our toes in the water.  With everything in the world, there is always competition.  It is a cutthroat world.  As much as we have the power, the sub has the initial power.  They choose who they want, what they want to do and how serious they are at entering the world.  Some are easier than others.  They have the necessary requirements to easily burn and want the humiliation and choice taken from them.  Most are just fronts for hesitant fakers.  The amount of hours to put into it is daunting, but isn’t that what we do for love?

I am excited for the first foray.  He is excited too.  He knows a lot more than what he has let on about this “secret” world.  Yet he doesn’t truly use the assets he has gathered in order to prove that he has left that life and is committed to our alpha couple tasks.

It is amazing how much he enjoys the taunting, the suspense and the work.  There is the question as to which he likes more, the promoting of me, the taunting of the “submissives”, or looking and reacting with other dominatrixes.  I don’t know if I want the true answer.

This is our new together project.  This is how we demonstrate our erotic love life.  I don’t know how long this journey will last.  I am worried that it may bring consequences I am not willing to pay.  Even with all of that, I am writing this check on our marriage.  I am willing to see if we can afford it.  I would rather conduct this journey together than lose him to this dominatrix life.  This is what I will do for love.

Mistress Ice Queen

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