The First Time

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It was a rough time.  Stress was killing our sex life and my alpha husband.  One day he advises that the news had written an article how cuckolding had saved marriages.  At that point I should have known something was going on.  “I’ll do all of the work.  You just have to trust the process.”  Little did I know what all that entailed, but that is another blog.

A few weeks later, my alpha husband comes to me. “I have found a couple that would like to play.”  The hesitation is palpable in my body, but my outward appearance is that of calm.  We enter into our bedroom.  I sit cross legged.  Not sure what to do.  He tries to play it off as he is not excited, but he cannot hide it from me.  We have been married almost two decades.  He still has not learned that I can read him like a book.

He messages the couple.  Her name is Queen Lillium.  I will never forget that name as long as I live.  I have never figured out or asked why she chose that name.  The other half is Alpha.  Nothing fancy.  Just states who he is.  We chat.  Queen does a great job of not making me feel like I am the submissive.  This is something that I was afraid would happen.  I made sure that they knew, my husband knew, I will not kneel, submit, or be belittled.  My switch of a husband on the other hand has no problem with any of that.  Again, another blog.

Queen slowly works us to the point of no return.  It’s funny now that I think of it.  We were naked.  I don’t think she ever got naked.  Not that she would have let us see.  In all aspects she was a professional.  Something that I have learned from her.  Now, Alpha did play with himself. I am pretty sure.  Even if it wasn’t, the illusion was enough to add to the play.  I digress.  Queen walked us into the scene.  My Alpha is turned into a cuck.  This is a secret fantasy of his.  He is relegated to sitting quietly.  Even in life he lays next to me.  His hands are moving around my body.  Making sure I know he is there.

Alpha and Queen start to really degrade him.  Alpha mentions that his cock is so tiny that it can’t satisfy me.  I get into the scene by agreeing.  Saying that I have not felt a real man’s cock ever.  Queen laughs at him.  She knew so much about his limits and kinks.  At the time, it doesn’t make me nervous.  I don’t consider what had to be done to get to know him.  Alpha tells me how he will fill my body.  They describe how beautiful I am.  While that is happening, My Alpha has moved between my legs.  At this point he does not see what is written.  I read some, but he is loving his role as a cuck.  He is relegated to the outsider.  Queen, Alpha and I are continuing to go back and forth.  This humiliation is torturing and to me it is beautiful.  It truly tells me that I love this life.

Alpha and Queen both video their release.  This does finish up the experience for me.  I release.  At this point I don’t know about edging, and never considered it.  I allow my Alpha to cum.  Then there is an awkward pause.  He gets nervous.  “Don’t be rude. Don’t just go away. Say Thank you.”  I look at him like he has lost his mind.  I do say that I enjoyed and would like to try it again.  At that time, I truly did and still do.

That never happens, at least as of today.  What happens is how we get to today.

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