First Foray

It is a Thursday night.  I have been screwing with Alpha King all day.  I made him edge in the morning for his shower.  I have told him how he is the best I have ever had.  I have sent him little pics of my tits and panties.  He is about to burst.  When I finally come home, he is busting.  Yet he makes me wait.

I am a VERY impatient person.  In our relationship, as with all of them, I am the Queen.  I don’t wait for anyone.  I do play the wife role very well.  Laundry, cooking, cleaning, everywhere in public I am the perfect wife for him.  In private and when the public isn’t looking, he is my toy to play with.  I was fit to be tied.

He sets us up in the bedroom.  He has free chat open on his tablet and Twitter on his phone.  He is multi tasking.  He is dripping trying to find a submissive beta to play with us.  A beta is a submissive, so a sub sub.  He posts quick pics.  It is never of our faces.  This is not that type of life.

We finally get takers, but it is touch and go.  That is the quandary about this life.  There are so many that want to try, but it is the Mistress’ job to ensure that the line is not crossed.  That is hard to do when they don’t want to admit what their limits are to themselves or you.  We would get so far and then “scare” them away.

We finally get one.  He is vocal.  Loves being played with by both of us.  Alpha King is so turned on.  He can barely stop stroking his luscious member as he tries to jump between platforms.  I take the tablet and he plays even harder.  I can tell he is edging himself so much.  Edging is when you get them close to exploding and make them stop.  Try it.  You know you want to.

We get to the point that the sub is about to assist in completion and then nothing.  He leaves.  It doesn’t really bother me all that bad.  I feel for Alpha King.  He has done everything possible to not explode and now this.  We turn to porn and he finishes.  It was a lot of fun.  I am disappointed that he did not get his fetish desire.  I did discover that I like this, but not in a sexual way.  I like the power and control.  I like the way he melts and enjoys this adventure.

Can’t wait till next time.

20180403_194118 (2)_LI

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