First Submissive

The submissive tweets me.  “Queen, Queen, you are so beautiful.  Please answer me.”  It always amazes me how much they beg.  I answer and get to know his limits and kinks.  My Alpha of course is reading every line.  He gets pleasure from knowing his wife is making another human quiver.

This submissive is an “Alpha” that hasn’t controlled anyone in awhile.  I laugh.  He does love to tell me about the size of his member, like that should impress me. Again, I laugh.  They don’t call me Ice Queen for nothing.  I continue to berate him.  Call him a Sally (no offense to Sallies).  He loves that name.  Starts to refer to himself as that.  We slowly work through his limits and kinks.  As I push limits, he keeps telling me his member size.  So we stop.  I tell him to publish his limits and kinks in writing.  He is wearing thin.

When he comes back, we resume.  At this point Alpha is just curious how it will end.  I continue to bash his manhood.  I tell him he is not a man.  I make him stop and like, retweet, and comment in order to show he is mine.  I make him write who owns him.  I don’t own anyone, but right now in his mind, he can only get relief from me.

Eventually, I have to leave and tell him to release and eat it.  Now, throughout this time he has reiterated at least 5 times the size of his member.  It is the last shred of his non submission.  I tell him that I don’t care and never will because it won’t satisfy me as much as my Alpha.  This about sends him to the edge.  I end with my Alpha is now going to show me how a real man satisfies.  Alpha is standing before me with his member out.  He kneels down and begins to satisfy me.

I tell this submissive what is happening.  For someone that doesn’t like to “watch” or do this, he begs to explode.  He tells me that he cannot hold back or know why this is happening.  I laugh.  I am done with this sub.  I have my own pleasure to think about.  I tell him to release and eat it.  That is one of his kinks.  I don’t wait for the acknowledgement.  I go back to my and Alpha’s pleasure.  Some of the best we have had lately.

We will see how “committed” it is.  I would much rather have my Alpha over a sub any day.

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