Message to Alpha

My dearest,
So we’ve been doing Twitter for almost a week. I do find it fun. I won’t lie it’s kind of flattering that between tweets and pictures people want to talk. I know you’re having fun and I can see the gleam in your eye when you take the pictures or help with the video.
My only concern is that if I don’t start getting regular subs or paid that you are going to end up bored. You will want to resort to known fun. Known fun is you back on Twitter.  I know you won’t cheat.  I also know that these females have this pull game that I am really trying to figure out.
I would love to know why you love it so much.  It’s not a bad thing and I’m glad. I wish you would have told me this earlier. but I know it’s sometimes hard for you to put it down. Is it the being an alpha and talking to these submissives? Is it that plus getting to look at all these very strong women just degrading people or do you like pimping your wife out? that’s a joke
I’m a girl and sometimes I have to understand. If I don’t understand some of the thought process I can’t continue to make you feel happy or turned on. I have to guess. I’m doing this because I know you like it.I do this because just like online.  I know there is an itch to be scratched.
I also know that I I am in a tough spot to please you because you really want someone to boss you around.  I am more than willing to give that to you but I can’t do that in public. We use Kik and over the next couple of days that’s something we will have to use only at night.  Did you enjoy that the goddesses were bitches and kinda in public because you were upstairs. they would scratch an itch that I just didn’t know needed to be scratched like that.  I want to make sure that you know I am open for being what you need except submissive.  I would like to know why you don’t get jealous.  This really turns you on.  When the roles are reversed, I was furious.  These people mean nothing.  I just turn the sweetness on. But what is the draw?
I know I seem like a hot mess.  Again, I don’t think you are doing anything.  I am telling you that I notice this has evolved.  That our marriage has evolved. That I am trying to be hip, but I also know that we have crossed a line I don’t think you’ll ever be able to let go.
I write to you because when you get defensive, I don’t get to talk and feel really stupid.  At least this way I get what I want out without you hearing only part of it.
I love you forever and always.
Mistress Ice

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