The Hooked Sub

We find all kinds of strange ones the Free Chat site.  He is hooked within the first few sentences, and a picture.  KIK is a great chat site for this type of event.  My picture is alot like the one on this site.  He tells me he is squirming already.  I laugh and group my Alpha into the chat.

He tells me what he likes and doesn’t like.  Everything is quite interesting.  He loves to be forced to do things.  I tell him I enjoy dominating stupid bitches like him.  He again starts to quiver.  I call him Sally and he about explodes.

He is wearing panties.  I have found this is a common fantasy among submissive men.  OR I just seem to attract that type. haha.  As we work through the next hour, I see Alpha do and like things I didn’t think he did.  I play and humiliate the poor cuckold.  I don’t know if he is more turned on by me or Alpha.  That is a reoccurring theme too.

He eventually gets to release.  Then the fun starts. He cannot let go.  He begs and pleads to be my toy.  He even contacts Alpha to praise him about me.  About how perfect I am.  It is kind of flattering.  We have decided to keep him around.  It works for both of us.  He will probably get more than us out of it, but it is still fun.

We got some more fun subs to play with. It should be fun.

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