New Desires

Purple nightie

As I continue to explore my dominate side I have a new desire that I just can’t seem to scratch.  I love everything about my Alpha.  I love his cock, his ass, his mouth, everything.  What I also love is his exploration with me and me only.  Let me be clear.  I only like him exploring with me.  I am quite a jealous and dominant Mistress.  I do not share my Alpha with anyone I am not directly involved with.  I don’t necessarily know why he even allows me to explore, but it is probably because he reads everything written.  Knows that I would never go anywhere.  Also, and I probably shouldn’t admit this here, none of these subs make me want to cum.  He is the only man that can make me so wet that my whole body explodes.  I get excited, but have zero desire to cum to anyone else but his gorgeous body.

Whew, now I’m all hot and bothered.  😉

Back to the original post.  I do have one unfulfilled desire.  I want to try a woman.  I don’t know what that makes me.  Curious?  I think that’s ok.  I am almost positive, contrary to Alpha’s hopes, I could not handle a female (sub only) being with Alpha at all.  He could play with me, have sex with me, but he could not be the one doing anything with her.  I may dream or online play, but I don’t think I could handle it.  I would constantly compare and wonder if we would eventually have to play again.  He is a charmer.  Or can be.  I have watched him charm at least one Mistress and get caught up by another.  Both about killed “US.”

So how do I go about this?  How do I get to explore and yet allow something that he would absolutely love to be a part of?  I have tried the 2 main sites, but that is the thing about females.  We don’t just succumb to other women.  Submissive females will let a guy be their Alpha before considering coming to someone that would fulfill their fantasies.  That would not only fulfill them, but treat them as the special submissive they deserve, whether it meant pain, humiliation, or just plain submission.

I guess I will have to continue trying to make this happen. Or wishing upon a star.  We have a very special event coming up.  Hopefully I can make this happen before then.  He would absolutely melt.  The power that would come with that would be out of this world.

A Queen can dream can’t she?

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