The night started innocent.  Posting on Reddit has become a nightly event.  You would think that I would actually read the threads.  It is never about that.  It is about how to make this experience more fun for Alpha and myself.

I am approached by a male switch.  He is hesitant.  It is the same with the discreet ones.  They are scared.  They want to play.  In their minds they can play the whole scene.  We are actually there.  We are dominating them.  Bringing their lives into new heights.  This is all before we have even said hello.  Yet, the scary aspect will be “what if someone finds out.”  I tell him not to worry.  We don’t want to have anyone find out either.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

He describes how she is submissive.  How she loves to have him control her sexual fantasies.  He describes how he wants to try this too.  How he has always wanted to see what is the appeal.  I laugh.  That is no problem.  He describes that he loves the vixen and stag scenario.  This is where the male allows the woman to be had by other men.  It is not a very submissive role.  It does have potential.

As we continue to talk, the sub has been hooked.  He sees how fun the potential can be to their lives.  He is beginning to want to be submissive.  He wants me to control things.  He is the typical alpha male.  He controls everything but this.  It is my fun.

Throughout this, Alpha is not there.  This is the boring part for him.  This is the cultivation and let’s be real.  Guys to cultivate guys.  Guys do cultivate girls, though.  At that point he will be in full steam.  I get to play first, but he will put her at ease.  He will guide her to his member.  To his arms.  He will guide this submissive to worship his very body and I will have her with mine.  Tasty.

As we continue to speak, the conversation ends.  There is a sense of longing from the sub.  It is like the dominance is an extra sliver of happiness.

The sub has potential.  Based on the female’s name, so does she.  Alpha is going to have some fun.  Maybe we finally will get to play with our new toys soon.

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