My Imagination

As I have continued this journey, I have noticed that Alpha and my imagination has exploded.  Below is something that I worked over and together.

I walk into the room and the sub is on all fours. Around his neck his a thick collar.  He already has his leash on and waiting for me on his shoulder.  His mouth is occupied with a mouth harness.  Inside is a ball gag cock.  The cock is ridged, like big veins.  It is very hard and long.  I will not be able to fit that in my throat this time. Around his cock is a plastic, vibrating cock that has a place to fit his cock.  It is thicker.  His cock is the size of a cuck’s cock, little.  That is why he looks to me to control him.  He offers what he can, which is his obedience.  He will fluff, beg, do anything to ensure that I keep him around.

I know he has looked at himself in the mirror.  He realizes what a cuck slut he looks like.  He knows that none of his actual body will be used in my pleasure tonight.  His only reprieve may be that he does a good enough job to be allowed to cum.  If he doesn’t cum during this session.

The sub is lead around the room on his leash.  His head remains down.  I push his face into my ass.  He loves this.  I am wearing an open crotch red teddy.  I have on black thigh highs and black heels.  So tall.  The better to use a strapon for tall subs.  I love it.

He starts to rub the cock between my thighs like a toy.  He wants to smell and feel my pussy on his face.  He loves facesitting.  I get tired of leading him around.  Plus, I am horny.  I put him on the bed, on his back.  These two delicious toys are staring at me, inviting me in.  I take the one in his mouth and start to give it a blow job in front of him.  He is watching.  He is moaning.  He loves this.  I take his arms and tie them to the bed.  He is now immobile.  The slut wouldn’t have moved anyway.  I tell him three fingers means stop.  That is his safe sign.  He nods and I begin again.

Soon, I straddle his fake cock.  I am bouncing, then I stop.  He whines.  I take a new toy out.  I turn the vibrator on and he is moaning.  I delicately put it in his ass.  I turn it fully up.  I then straddle again.  his moan is so audible.  He is barely keeping his quiet.  Moaning so hard.  you can hear him thank me. “Thank you, Queen.”

I hop off.  I turn around and begin to ride his face cock.  It feels so good.  “It is so long. I love this cock.” My ass is sitting on his face.  Smothering him slowly, but being very careful to pay attention to his breathing.  This is something not told in domination.  Alot of your time and responsibility is ensuring the cuck is not hurt or hurting.  You must keep them safe.

The next 15 minutes are spent hopping between his face and waist.  I am so wet.  I am dripping on his face.  I get to taste myself as I suck the cocks to keep them wet for my pussy.  I can see the appeal.  My tits are bouncing and moving. He is blindfolded so that every move is a surprise.

Eventually, I am almost cumming.  I ride his vibrating cock, rubbing my pussy onto the dick.  I grab my tiny rabbit.  I put it on my clit.  This sends me through the roof.  I take off his blindfold.  He wants to grab my tits.  He wants to hold me down so I will ensure his cock gets off.  He wants to scream my name, but he can’t with the gag.  He is about to explode.

My whole body shakes as I watch this unfold.  I am cumming and cumming.  I torture myself as I lose my mind.  This is so great.  My new favorite toys.  I undue his face cock.  I take off the fake waist cock.  It makes a popping sound.  The cock gets soft, but as soon as I touch it, it is straight up.  I turn his ass vibrator up to full speed.  He moans, “ugggh, thank you, Queeen.”  I laugh.  This makes him even more turned on.  I take the cock in my fingers.  I start to play.  I then wrap my luscious lips around his cock and he almost cums.  He has been trained so well.  He wants to push my head into his cock, but he knows that he can’t.  I come back up.  I start to talk to him.

“Your cock felt so good in that toy.  I got to use every inch while you couldn’t do anything.  You love all of that.  You are my cumslut.  You are my cuck.  You love that I am fucked by these huge cocks.  You want me to use you as a fluffer.” Then he begs.  He begs to cum.  I let him.  He shoots all over.  He just relaxes.

I kiss him softly, calling it aftercare.  I put everything away.  I get him cleaned up.  This is not me losing the domination, but giving him the care and attention a good sub deserves.

Glad you stayed for the whole imagination.  Again, so amazing.

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