It is amazing what a little push can do.  A couple that we have been playing with have been hesitant in their exposure to the dominant/sub (d/s) lifestyle.  She has always been the submissive.  He has always been the dominant.  As we have gotten to know them, his sub side has come out and her domme side is beginning to show.

It started with him.  He has quickly learned how to refer to me.  He talks to Alpha sometimes, but really its me he likes to speak to.  It’s the power of the pussy.  That is what Alpha and I have joked about today.  We both made posts, exactly the same, but mine got 20 hits and his 2.  One of them was a total dud.  One was really good.  That is another story.

She is a little more hesitant.  She doesn’t need me to interact a whole lot.  She likes to just be given the instructions.  She is a quick learner.  I told her some instructions to keep the night subtle. She immediately took it a step farther on her own.  She had him all excited, let him cum and then straddle his head and smothered him.  She sat there until her beautiful body quaked and he was forced to clean up his handiwork.

In the middle of the night, there is a quick succession of texts.  It is so goood. I love it.  Thank you.  She gloats the next day.  She loved every second.  Like I said a little push.  I give her some more instructions.  It’s fun.  I love seeing someone find some new part of their life.

We’ll see how much stays and how much this is just new.  Fun times by all.

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