Sunday Fun Day

Our newest kitten is so much fun.  She is gorgeous, young, and a fun submissive.  We got to play with her first last week.  I happened to be home while Alpha and sub were in public.  That did not stop this little vixen.  She was more than eager to get to play with us, even if Alpha wasn’t able.  Alpha eagerly said yes.  If he had been interviewing a famous person, he would still have said yes.  His huge cock was bouncing.

As I had said before, he is a man’s man.  He wants this to happen so bad that he can’t stand it.  We’ll really have to work on his holding out, though. LOL.  So sub and I started to play.  She is eager to please.  She loves to be punished.  She is so obedient.  I did not realize that she was not 100% available, but she put forth the best time we have had in a while.

Alpha was beside himself. His cock is bouncing, he is leaking everywhere and having to pay attention to his surroundings.  She is wet, excruciatingly turned on and could not cum.  I was the only one that could finger, play and make myself orgasm.  It was way more fun to screw with them.

This is the one thing that happens with me.  I don’t cum.  I am so involved in getting the subs to their pleasure points.  Alpha into his cumming point.  I would say that makes me a normal domme.  All the research of dominatrixes and their rules, there is no cumming.  Now I do allow Alpha and the subs to explode.  That is how I gauge my effectiveness, or the sub begging for release.  So I don’t know.

So let’s move to today.  Sub is horny as all get out.  Two days she has been screwed with and not allowed to cum.  Alpha finally gets to play.  I have to head out on business.  She is open to being a slut around outside doing her chores.  She goes to a store. Alpha and I have her fingering herself at stoplights looking at males and females.  We have her fingering at stores, no panties, openly flirting.  She is wearing her own personal collar.  She is buying sexy short items.  Alpha is keeping it together.  He is acting like this is not “phasing” him, but I can tell.  This is one of the few women that has truly allowed him to control her in our new scene.  Before the women dominated everything.  Now I play, but I am just not as submissive as this little vixen slut.  She is doing everything he and I say.  She is eager to please him.

She finally finishes, but at this time I am on my way for the business trip.  I tell them to continue while I observe.  I know his cock is hard.  He can barely stand it.  He is ignoring some of the stuff I say and speaking almost in the singular.  It is not on purpose.  He just can’t think.  The cock is thinking.  It annoys me, but only cause of my ego.  I know he is just a guy.  He is telling a sub what to do and he loves it.  I asked for this.  I opened this back up.  I opened him to this.  I also know that he said the day before that he loves doing this because it is showing me how great I am.  At the same time, I have always told him that he could get and keep any woman ever.  He doesn’t have to pay or punish.  They would just want to serve him.  He just chose my stubborn ass and sometimes may regret that.  As he is having this little vixen do everything for him.

She finally comes home.  I have not told him I am at the location.  He politely tells her to put stuff away and cum when she is finished.  Before then I have given him a list of things I wanted to do tonight.  I get to the room.  He says Yeah! Then she writes.  She is finished, naked and ready to cum.  She is being a slutty pet and telling us.  I figure she has been good.  She should get to cum to our instructions.  Alpha ends up with other plans.

She is taken aback when I say stop.  She figures the play.  She is sucking, licking and pleasuring Alpha.  Again, not a thing for me.  I am doing other things as they are solely focused on their needs.  Their cumming.  He sends me videos.  He’ll say that is your fault when reads this, but just being honest.  If you look at the chat, you can see where all the talking is me.  They are busy fingering and stroking.  So that brings me to a stop.  What happens if this is life?  Will this be my fate?  If I’m not controlling, focusing and making sure the two sluts (which he really is at this point) are pleased, then how will this play?  Just them fucking and I’m in the corner?  When it is a guy, he did play, but I had also tortured him all day.

Needless to say both of them cum hard.  And I don’t say it, but I told him to edge because I wanted to play our thing.  I was being selfish.  Well, he didn’t hold out obviously.  Both are satisfied and we will now have a pet for awhile.  Maybe long term. She does ask permission to cum again.  Alpha is quick to offer help with edging and foreplay.  Which is fine.

Now I am ready to play.  But, he is a guy.  There is no playing for the Queen.  No satisfaction.  There is the quiet stoic, not answering, Alpha going back to his life.  I sit there quietly irritated.  Sub will go to sleep or play later than everyone is up.  The sub is tired.   Alpha will play, holding out that his little vixen will want to play again.  Not on purpose.  It is just a fun new twist on a long relationship.

I send him pics, cute, fun, sexy.  He still waits.  This is what I was concerned about.  Can I handle taking the back seat.  Can I handle the questions of is it really the back seat or is Alpha really that “spent” that what we do tonight is not phasing him.

It is my issue, but Alpha will need to understand that he has to be more attentive and think.  I trust everything, but always told him my ego would take the hit.  My questioning that it is a mid-20s vixen and my “experienced” ass as the comparison.  We will keep going.  He will be told, but if it comes to my comfort and his male lack of insight fixing themselves, I don’t know.  It is lots of fun.

As I said before, this is one of the hurdles that must be overcome as we continue on this journey.  Everything will work itself out one way or another.  We’ll see what happens.


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