New Day

red corset with Alpha

I am horny.  I could tell you something nice and kosher, but I tell the truth.  I am HORNY!! I am bored watching a tv show in my hotel room without Alpha.  I didn’t get any sex before I left.  Still horny from yesterday.  I am just plain horny.

I also need to recenter.  I acted like a crazy person, but really I’m the only one that knew that.  I am posting a little, but taking a break.  I did get offered for a session.  I pushed it off till getting to talk to Alpha.  It is supposed to be for findom.  We both got one from another for Wednesday.  Findom again, though he never really accepted terms.  Our sissy sub is jonesing for a fix.  I told him he had to be nicer to Alpha.  So hopefully that happens.  Not that he is bad, but everything like this goes through him.  It is my stuff, but we are an honest couple.  I don’t want that trust to ever be gone.

I was nice and sent a PG rated pic to our pet.  She asked if she could cum.  I said yes.  Poor Alpha is tired which is fine.  He did do a great job yesterday.  I am ready for him to get to play again, but I want to be there, so… Maybe tomorrow.

I told you.  When I asked if he cared if I played with a toy to relieve the need last night or after the sessions, he said “don’t care.”  Most would have an issue.  I just kinda don’t.  It would be a lot more fun, but let’s not make a whole pretend reality.  I think the best bet is to do stuff like that, when it has been a tease that long, together.  I think my biggest problem was I wasn’t in the room.  Torturing him.  Playing too.  Listening to him say OMG your the best this is so hot… all that jazz.

This has not fixed my issue.  But off to bed.  Maybe I can find something to do.  Maybe now’s a good time to catch up on my reading.  Who knows.  Any ideas?


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