More things to try

It is a quiet afternoon and Kitten is bored.  She hits up on Kik.  She has had multiple slutty opportunities over the weekend.  As much as she hates to share pics, she has no problem sharing her body with a lot of fun people.  It always amazes me how much people are willing to do in real life and not online.  It is also vice versa.  Me, I’ve never had the opportunity to try.  I have the married/resting bitch face.  I’m pretty sure it is more the resting bitch face.  No one ever wants to come up and say hi.  But maybe it’s just cause I am not that cute.  Anyway…

She sends a picture of a submissive female tied up.  Two of them.  It gets me thinking and to playing with her.  This was supposed to build to an awesome night while on vacation, but we managed to find another way to have fun.  This is the build up.

She texts that she is horny.  I get to talking to her.  I want to tie her up so much.  We have already played where Alpha doesn’t get to touch until the very end.  He was kind enough to remember to only cum in me.  I talk to her about her pictures.  One is an intricate line of knots up the back with the hands tied together.  It would be nearly impossible to quickly get her out.  The second is with the her tits tied tight, then ropes through her pussy and around her neck.  She has bought a collar with an S for slut in our last play with the mall.  She is so wet and enjoying this.

She sits at work and is dripping with each word I type.  I tie her up and stroke her hair, like an affectionate Mistress.  I whisper that she is about to give everything to me.  Her body will be mine as I tap through each nerve and lust.  I tweak her nipple rings.  She is screaming.  She can’t believe the pain and lust transferring through her body.

I smack her ass hard.  Over and over.  Each time she thanks me each and every stroke.  Alpha is sitting back in his chair.  He is stroking his cock.  As much as he loves to give pain, he is not the biggest on the rough hard stuff.  I tweak her nipples.  Squeezing and twisting.  She is tearing up, but her pussy gives her away.  It is dripping with cum.  Leaking everywhere.  Her thighs are glistening.  I turn her as I smack her.  I smack her tits.  She begs for more and asks for relief.  Alpha’s cock is throbbing.  It is leaking precum.  I walk over and take a finger cleaning it up.  I shove two fingers down her throat.  She licks it like the best thing ever.

“What do you say, Slut?”  “Thank you Alpha, Thank you for your luscious precum.”  “Please, Please let me suck his cock, please let him fuck my pussy, your pussy.”  I smack her again.  More of the same, smack, twist, thanks, tickles, tugs.  Her sensors are on overdrive.  She doesn’t know left from right.  Every few minutes, she is given a rest as I walk over to Alpha’s cock and get his precum.  She knows that as it is going in her mouth what will come next.  She wants the whole experience along with the reward.  She begs again.  It is like a cycle that the little slut can’t break.

Alpha asks to fuck her.  We take her down and start to untie everything.  She knows what is coming next.  She can’t wait.  She gets on her knees.  Begging for his cock.  Begging to be taken like a slut.  Alpha throws her on the bed like a rag doll.  He puts her legs in the air.  She is begging for his cock.  I sit on her face.  Smothering her as she licks for every breath.  He stuffs that pussy full.  He slams her over and over.  She is making me cum on her face.  He gets on the bed.  I ride his hard cock as he eats her.  She begs for him to cum in her, but he says no.  She barely understands what is going on as he has found what she needed.  She is cumming on his face as he cums in me.  There is screaming everywhere as we are all cumming at once.  We end up in a heap.  All huddling and stroking.

She leaves and it is him and I.  How do we continue?  It will be interesting to find out.


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