Chastity Sub

He is so eager to please.  He begs Alpha to get to talk, but he is also ecstatic when Alpha treats him roughly.  He quickly talks about his chastity device.  He loves the feel.  He loves the tight trap around his cock.  But it isn’t tight.  His cock is so tiny that he cant fit it all into the cage.  It is so funny to see.  If it wasn’t locked in then the cage would fall off.  I can barely stop laughing.  So glad this is online.

He is gushing.  His cock is tiny and hard.  He is barely containing himself as he begs to show me his tiny member.  Unbeknownst to him it is the second time I have seen it.  It still makes me laugh.  This is what he wants.  The sub wants my laughter.  To feel inadequate.  It makes my job so much more fun.  His tiny cock is only about 3.5 inches  I am on the bed laughing so hard.  His push to make the cock so big and feign sadness is too much.  He is begging for more.  He is so pitiful.

This sub is out in public.  Alpha tells him to get into his sissy panties and bra.  He does so quickly.  Everything requires pictures.  Alpha has taught him to do the 10 second edge.  It is one of his favorite tasks for a sub.  For 10 seconds the sub strokes as fast as he can.  The fun is that the sub can barely contain himself after 4 or 5 times.  For newbies, it is like 2 or 3 times and their little cocks explode.

He is constantly edging.  Hurrying back to bathrooms to play with the tiny cock.  The next times are with the cage on.  That is so much fun.  He can’t make it.  He teases himself without you having to do anything.  It’s like fingering yourself trying to be quiet.  You just can’t get the itch scratched.  He is begging again.  Next time he begs on his knees at all times.  Begging on knees face in ground like a sub should stay.

He has to leave for a public event.  Everything has to come off.  Soon the sub will beg to stay in it.  He will want to please me.  He will do it.  I enjoy that power.  I enjoy taking them to the edge willingly.  I enjoy their trust that I will push them to the edge. They will be hornier and more submissive for it.  It is in their blood.

Next, I want a cuckold couple.  Both need to be submissive.  Both begging to be used and worship myself and Alpha.  Both sending picture after picture for the pure enjoyment of their dominates.  They in turn are wet and hard all day every day waiting for us to help their sex life or think about us as they enhance it by themselves.

Have a great domme/submissive day.

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