What we do for subs

My alpha has made it a little clear that he is feeling his sub side.  The issue is that I don’t feel comfortable with him finding his own Alpha.  Especially since he only manages to find findom Alphas and Mistresses.  I don’t want this to be someone that he plays with all the time.  I don’t even like dominant males.  They get this slapping the clit and titties thing going because they only know that move.  Very unimaginative.  What they can do is make my love change into a cock exploding sub bitch.

The little taste that he got of it last night was obviously exciting.  He wanted me to cam just so that he could be shown that he was a little bitch sub.  I think now, I probably should have.  Everything was dark.  I didn’t take the hint and feel bad.  I am hoping that we can try again so that he can play.  I want him to be loud and vocal. “Hey, I want this.  I really need it.”

I just don’t want us to pay for it.  I don’t want this to be a thing that takes over his life again like the Mistresses.  I just want something to play a little bit and then put it back in its hole.  Literally and figuratively.

We’ll see what happens.  Any feedback is always welcome.

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