There are times I really enjoy the domme community. Then there are nights like tonight. It has a lot to do with my last post. So I am already sensitive. I don’t understand why goddesses believe they must ruin marriages. To go so far as comparing how they get the finer stuff and the wife gets the crap. Been there.

I don’t know what the draw is to show up something someone else is putting their life into. I guess the draw is that he is such a shit, might as well take his money. It just eats at me seeing as I have lived this. As I said before, the incident makes you spiral until you figure out how it got this screwed up.

Don’t be that goddess. If that is the only way to get money, then I do hope karma will eventually get you. Just like I hope karma will eventually reward our life.

One thought on “Conflict

  1. Everyone has their kinks, and I understand this. BDSM to me has always been about consent. However, the wife did not consent to being a part of this or being hurt by it. I’ve got to say that I find the “wife hate” side of things to be completely vile and reeks of insecurity.

    If I was in a vanilla relationship with a man who gave me scraps while giving a “Goddess” money. She can keep him because I’d want nothing to do with either of them.


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