Blame is the easiest and hardest part of any argument.  It is easy to place the blame of a bad session on a sub.  It is easy to blame arguments on the other person.  It is easier to just take the blame for things to calm down.  The hard blame is resolving the issue without assigning blame.  It is blaming yourself for your part of the situation.

A Mistress must be able to see how she is not completely blameless in a session.  If your instructions aren’t clear then how can the sub do their task.  If you didn’t understand their limits and kinks and were too proud to ask then that may be your fault.  I know this.

Sometimes it is your fault too on a big argument.  You didn’t try hard enough to be there for that person.  You got wrapped up into your own thing and didn’t try to listen to their needs.  It would be easier if they vocalized them, but that is not what this is about.  You don’t see the signs that they are not happy.

My timing is always off, except when I am putting a sub thru their paces.  I over analyze which can be a great Mistress thing, but it not necessarily a great SO thing.  I also can’t let stuff go until I have answers.  That is a great SO, Mistress, everything quirk.  It is not a great quirk when you are trying to work through stuff.

These are my quirks. I take the blame.

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