New Day

red corset with Alpha

I am horny.  I could tell you something nice and kosher, but I tell the truth.  I am HORNY!! I am bored watching a tv show in my hotel room without Alpha.  I didn’t get any sex before I left.  Still horny from yesterday.  I am just plain horny.

I also need to recenter.  I acted like a crazy person, but really I’m the only one that knew that.  I am posting a little, but taking a break.  I did get offered for a session.  I pushed it off till getting to talk to Alpha.  It is supposed to be for findom.  We both got one from another for Wednesday.  Findom again, though he never really accepted terms.  Our sissy sub is jonesing for a fix.  I told him he had to be nicer to Alpha.  So hopefully that happens.  Not that he is bad, but everything like this goes through him.  It is my stuff, but we are an honest couple.  I don’t want that trust to ever be gone.

I was nice and sent a PG rated pic to our pet.  She asked if she could cum.  I said yes.  Poor Alpha is tired which is fine.  He did do a great job yesterday.  I am ready for him to get to play again, but I want to be there, so… Maybe tomorrow.

I told you.  When I asked if he cared if I played with a toy to relieve the need last night or after the sessions, he said “don’t care.”  Most would have an issue.  I just kinda don’t.  It would be a lot more fun, but let’s not make a whole pretend reality.  I think the best bet is to do stuff like that, when it has been a tease that long, together.  I think my biggest problem was I wasn’t in the room.  Torturing him.  Playing too.  Listening to him say OMG your the best this is so hot… all that jazz.

This has not fixed my issue.  But off to bed.  Maybe I can find something to do.  Maybe now’s a good time to catch up on my reading.  Who knows.  Any ideas?


Sunday Fun Day

Our newest kitten is so much fun.  She is gorgeous, young, and a fun submissive.  We got to play with her first last week.  I happened to be home while Alpha and sub were in public.  That did not stop this little vixen.  She was more than eager to get to play with us, even if Alpha wasn’t able.  Alpha eagerly said yes.  If he had been interviewing a famous person, he would still have said yes.  His huge cock was bouncing.

As I had said before, he is a man’s man.  He wants this to happen so bad that he can’t stand it.  We’ll really have to work on his holding out, though. LOL.  So sub and I started to play.  She is eager to please.  She loves to be punished.  She is so obedient.  I did not realize that she was not 100% available, but she put forth the best time we have had in a while.

Alpha was beside himself. His cock is bouncing, he is leaking everywhere and having to pay attention to his surroundings.  She is wet, excruciatingly turned on and could not cum.  I was the only one that could finger, play and make myself orgasm.  It was way more fun to screw with them.

This is the one thing that happens with me.  I don’t cum.  I am so involved in getting the subs to their pleasure points.  Alpha into his cumming point.  I would say that makes me a normal domme.  All the research of dominatrixes and their rules, there is no cumming.  Now I do allow Alpha and the subs to explode.  That is how I gauge my effectiveness, or the sub begging for release.  So I don’t know.

So let’s move to today.  Sub is horny as all get out.  Two days she has been screwed with and not allowed to cum.  Alpha finally gets to play.  I have to head out on business.  She is open to being a slut around outside doing her chores.  She goes to a store. Alpha and I have her fingering herself at stoplights looking at males and females.  We have her fingering at stores, no panties, openly flirting.  She is wearing her own personal collar.  She is buying sexy short items.  Alpha is keeping it together.  He is acting like this is not “phasing” him, but I can tell.  This is one of the few women that has truly allowed him to control her in our new scene.  Before the women dominated everything.  Now I play, but I am just not as submissive as this little vixen slut.  She is doing everything he and I say.  She is eager to please him.

She finally finishes, but at this time I am on my way for the business trip.  I tell them to continue while I observe.  I know his cock is hard.  He can barely stand it.  He is ignoring some of the stuff I say and speaking almost in the singular.  It is not on purpose.  He just can’t think.  The cock is thinking.  It annoys me, but only cause of my ego.  I know he is just a guy.  He is telling a sub what to do and he loves it.  I asked for this.  I opened this back up.  I opened him to this.  I also know that he said the day before that he loves doing this because it is showing me how great I am.  At the same time, I have always told him that he could get and keep any woman ever.  He doesn’t have to pay or punish.  They would just want to serve him.  He just chose my stubborn ass and sometimes may regret that.  As he is having this little vixen do everything for him.

She finally comes home.  I have not told him I am at the location.  He politely tells her to put stuff away and cum when she is finished.  Before then I have given him a list of things I wanted to do tonight.  I get to the room.  He says Yeah! Then she writes.  She is finished, naked and ready to cum.  She is being a slutty pet and telling us.  I figure she has been good.  She should get to cum to our instructions.  Alpha ends up with other plans.

She is taken aback when I say stop.  She figures the play.  She is sucking, licking and pleasuring Alpha.  Again, not a thing for me.  I am doing other things as they are solely focused on their needs.  Their cumming.  He sends me videos.  He’ll say that is your fault when reads this, but just being honest.  If you look at the chat, you can see where all the talking is me.  They are busy fingering and stroking.  So that brings me to a stop.  What happens if this is life?  Will this be my fate?  If I’m not controlling, focusing and making sure the two sluts (which he really is at this point) are pleased, then how will this play?  Just them fucking and I’m in the corner?  When it is a guy, he did play, but I had also tortured him all day.

Needless to say both of them cum hard.  And I don’t say it, but I told him to edge because I wanted to play our thing.  I was being selfish.  Well, he didn’t hold out obviously.  Both are satisfied and we will now have a pet for awhile.  Maybe long term. She does ask permission to cum again.  Alpha is quick to offer help with edging and foreplay.  Which is fine.

Now I am ready to play.  But, he is a guy.  There is no playing for the Queen.  No satisfaction.  There is the quiet stoic, not answering, Alpha going back to his life.  I sit there quietly irritated.  Sub will go to sleep or play later than everyone is up.  The sub is tired.   Alpha will play, holding out that his little vixen will want to play again.  Not on purpose.  It is just a fun new twist on a long relationship.

I send him pics, cute, fun, sexy.  He still waits.  This is what I was concerned about.  Can I handle taking the back seat.  Can I handle the questions of is it really the back seat or is Alpha really that “spent” that what we do tonight is not phasing him.

It is my issue, but Alpha will need to understand that he has to be more attentive and think.  I trust everything, but always told him my ego would take the hit.  My questioning that it is a mid-20s vixen and my “experienced” ass as the comparison.  We will keep going.  He will be told, but if it comes to my comfort and his male lack of insight fixing themselves, I don’t know.  It is lots of fun.

As I said before, this is one of the hurdles that must be overcome as we continue on this journey.  Everything will work itself out one way or another.  We’ll see what happens.



It is amazing what a little push can do.  A couple that we have been playing with have been hesitant in their exposure to the dominant/sub (d/s) lifestyle.  She has always been the submissive.  He has always been the dominant.  As we have gotten to know them, his sub side has come out and her domme side is beginning to show.

It started with him.  He has quickly learned how to refer to me.  He talks to Alpha sometimes, but really its me he likes to speak to.  It’s the power of the pussy.  That is what Alpha and I have joked about today.  We both made posts, exactly the same, but mine got 20 hits and his 2.  One of them was a total dud.  One was really good.  That is another story.

She is a little more hesitant.  She doesn’t need me to interact a whole lot.  She likes to just be given the instructions.  She is a quick learner.  I told her some instructions to keep the night subtle. She immediately took it a step farther on her own.  She had him all excited, let him cum and then straddle his head and smothered him.  She sat there until her beautiful body quaked and he was forced to clean up his handiwork.

In the middle of the night, there is a quick succession of texts.  It is so goood. I love it.  Thank you.  She gloats the next day.  She loved every second.  Like I said a little push.  I give her some more instructions.  It’s fun.  I love seeing someone find some new part of their life.

We’ll see how much stays and how much this is just new.  Fun times by all.

My Imagination

As I have continued this journey, I have noticed that Alpha and my imagination has exploded.  Below is something that I worked over and together.

I walk into the room and the sub is on all fours. Around his neck his a thick collar.  He already has his leash on and waiting for me on his shoulder.  His mouth is occupied with a mouth harness.  Inside is a ball gag cock.  The cock is ridged, like big veins.  It is very hard and long.  I will not be able to fit that in my throat this time. Around his cock is a plastic, vibrating cock that has a place to fit his cock.  It is thicker.  His cock is the size of a cuck’s cock, little.  That is why he looks to me to control him.  He offers what he can, which is his obedience.  He will fluff, beg, do anything to ensure that I keep him around.

I know he has looked at himself in the mirror.  He realizes what a cuck slut he looks like.  He knows that none of his actual body will be used in my pleasure tonight.  His only reprieve may be that he does a good enough job to be allowed to cum.  If he doesn’t cum during this session.

The sub is lead around the room on his leash.  His head remains down.  I push his face into my ass.  He loves this.  I am wearing an open crotch red teddy.  I have on black thigh highs and black heels.  So tall.  The better to use a strapon for tall subs.  I love it.

He starts to rub the cock between my thighs like a toy.  He wants to smell and feel my pussy on his face.  He loves facesitting.  I get tired of leading him around.  Plus, I am horny.  I put him on the bed, on his back.  These two delicious toys are staring at me, inviting me in.  I take the one in his mouth and start to give it a blow job in front of him.  He is watching.  He is moaning.  He loves this.  I take his arms and tie them to the bed.  He is now immobile.  The slut wouldn’t have moved anyway.  I tell him three fingers means stop.  That is his safe sign.  He nods and I begin again.

Soon, I straddle his fake cock.  I am bouncing, then I stop.  He whines.  I take a new toy out.  I turn the vibrator on and he is moaning.  I delicately put it in his ass.  I turn it fully up.  I then straddle again.  his moan is so audible.  He is barely keeping his quiet.  Moaning so hard.  you can hear him thank me. “Thank you, Queen.”

I hop off.  I turn around and begin to ride his face cock.  It feels so good.  “It is so long. I love this cock.” My ass is sitting on his face.  Smothering him slowly, but being very careful to pay attention to his breathing.  This is something not told in domination.  Alot of your time and responsibility is ensuring the cuck is not hurt or hurting.  You must keep them safe.

The next 15 minutes are spent hopping between his face and waist.  I am so wet.  I am dripping on his face.  I get to taste myself as I suck the cocks to keep them wet for my pussy.  I can see the appeal.  My tits are bouncing and moving. He is blindfolded so that every move is a surprise.

Eventually, I am almost cumming.  I ride his vibrating cock, rubbing my pussy onto the dick.  I grab my tiny rabbit.  I put it on my clit.  This sends me through the roof.  I take off his blindfold.  He wants to grab my tits.  He wants to hold me down so I will ensure his cock gets off.  He wants to scream my name, but he can’t with the gag.  He is about to explode.

My whole body shakes as I watch this unfold.  I am cumming and cumming.  I torture myself as I lose my mind.  This is so great.  My new favorite toys.  I undue his face cock.  I take off the fake waist cock.  It makes a popping sound.  The cock gets soft, but as soon as I touch it, it is straight up.  I turn his ass vibrator up to full speed.  He moans, “ugggh, thank you, Queeen.”  I laugh.  This makes him even more turned on.  I take the cock in my fingers.  I start to play.  I then wrap my luscious lips around his cock and he almost cums.  He has been trained so well.  He wants to push my head into his cock, but he knows that he can’t.  I come back up.  I start to talk to him.

“Your cock felt so good in that toy.  I got to use every inch while you couldn’t do anything.  You love all of that.  You are my cumslut.  You are my cuck.  You love that I am fucked by these huge cocks.  You want me to use you as a fluffer.” Then he begs.  He begs to cum.  I let him.  He shoots all over.  He just relaxes.

I kiss him softly, calling it aftercare.  I put everything away.  I get him cleaned up.  This is not me losing the domination, but giving him the care and attention a good sub deserves.

Glad you stayed for the whole imagination.  Again, so amazing.


The night started innocent.  Posting on Reddit has become a nightly event.  You would think that I would actually read the threads.  It is never about that.  It is about how to make this experience more fun for Alpha and myself.

I am approached by a male switch.  He is hesitant.  It is the same with the discreet ones.  They are scared.  They want to play.  In their minds they can play the whole scene.  We are actually there.  We are dominating them.  Bringing their lives into new heights.  This is all before we have even said hello.  Yet, the scary aspect will be “what if someone finds out.”  I tell him not to worry.  We don’t want to have anyone find out either.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

He describes how she is submissive.  How she loves to have him control her sexual fantasies.  He describes how he wants to try this too.  How he has always wanted to see what is the appeal.  I laugh.  That is no problem.  He describes that he loves the vixen and stag scenario.  This is where the male allows the woman to be had by other men.  It is not a very submissive role.  It does have potential.

As we continue to talk, the sub has been hooked.  He sees how fun the potential can be to their lives.  He is beginning to want to be submissive.  He wants me to control things.  He is the typical alpha male.  He controls everything but this.  It is my fun.

Throughout this, Alpha is not there.  This is the boring part for him.  This is the cultivation and let’s be real.  Guys to cultivate guys.  Guys do cultivate girls, though.  At that point he will be in full steam.  I get to play first, but he will put her at ease.  He will guide her to his member.  To his arms.  He will guide this submissive to worship his very body and I will have her with mine.  Tasty.

As we continue to speak, the conversation ends.  There is a sense of longing from the sub.  It is like the dominance is an extra sliver of happiness.

The sub has potential.  Based on the female’s name, so does she.  Alpha is going to have some fun.  Maybe we finally will get to play with our new toys soon.

New Desires

Purple nightie

As I continue to explore my dominate side I have a new desire that I just can’t seem to scratch.  I love everything about my Alpha.  I love his cock, his ass, his mouth, everything.  What I also love is his exploration with me and me only.  Let me be clear.  I only like him exploring with me.  I am quite a jealous and dominant Mistress.  I do not share my Alpha with anyone I am not directly involved with.  I don’t necessarily know why he even allows me to explore, but it is probably because he reads everything written.  Knows that I would never go anywhere.  Also, and I probably shouldn’t admit this here, none of these subs make me want to cum.  He is the only man that can make me so wet that my whole body explodes.  I get excited, but have zero desire to cum to anyone else but his gorgeous body.

Whew, now I’m all hot and bothered.  😉

Back to the original post.  I do have one unfulfilled desire.  I want to try a woman.  I don’t know what that makes me.  Curious?  I think that’s ok.  I am almost positive, contrary to Alpha’s hopes, I could not handle a female (sub only) being with Alpha at all.  He could play with me, have sex with me, but he could not be the one doing anything with her.  I may dream or online play, but I don’t think I could handle it.  I would constantly compare and wonder if we would eventually have to play again.  He is a charmer.  Or can be.  I have watched him charm at least one Mistress and get caught up by another.  Both about killed “US.”

So how do I go about this?  How do I get to explore and yet allow something that he would absolutely love to be a part of?  I have tried the 2 main sites, but that is the thing about females.  We don’t just succumb to other women.  Submissive females will let a guy be their Alpha before considering coming to someone that would fulfill their fantasies.  That would not only fulfill them, but treat them as the special submissive they deserve, whether it meant pain, humiliation, or just plain submission.

I guess I will have to continue trying to make this happen. Or wishing upon a star.  We have a very special event coming up.  Hopefully I can make this happen before then.  He would absolutely melt.  The power that would come with that would be out of this world.

A Queen can dream can’t she?

A hiccup

It finally happened.  The hiccup.  Unfortunately, I don’t have all day to sit and play with the feeds and promote.  I have to work.  This means that all of my feeds have taken a hit.  There are less hits, less likes, less everything.  This is not for the weak.  You have to continue to have a pretty high thought of yourself in order to make this work.

I know I am good at what I do.  I know that I can hook them.  My patience runs very thin, though.  I need the challenge.  I want to be successful.  Making the subs quiver is my itch.

I think I have pissed off or crossed an unforeseen line in the FINDOM world.  I’m not sure how that happens.  I talk nicer than most.  Show some of the same picture events.  Obviously not the same as them.  I just know that my hits went from 1000s to 100s.  Who knows.

I will continue to try.  I know I don’t want my puppet ever entering back into the dark world.  Every week I find new stuff of how deep they were into this world.  $1000s spent on women not me.  I don’t really know what to do with that.  I do know that I always get played as the crazy.  The question is, am I just enabling something.  Eventually they will tell me everything.  I am the sicko that wants to know, no matter how it hurts.  I want to know because I NEVER want it to happen again.  I never want money that is ours spent on others like that.  I don’t even know if they realize how deep they were.  It is scary how much I didn’t know.  It is disheartening because the betrayal is deep.

Well, that took a turn.  It is all part of the journey.